No. The $40 application fee is used to run the background and credit report so it is not refundable.
We look at credit to confirm there are no active Judgments, Liens, Foreclosures and Bankruptcies. Sometimes, based on the Ownership, we will only look at open Judgments that are more than three years old. We also check rental history and verify employment. You need to make 2.5 times the monthly rent to income qualify.
You will need to bring the $40 application fee, per applicant over the age of 18 years old, three paystubs, two forms of ID, and the $300 holding deposit to place the property on hold.
Yes. The $300 deposit is required to take the property off the market. If the application is approved, the deposit will go toward your security deposit. If the application, if denied for any reason, you will receive it refunded within 14 days after the denial date. Also, if the application is cancelled within 7 days after the application is approved, the deposit will be forfeited.
Yes, some of our properties allow pets. If so, you will be required at the time of the lease signing to pay a deposit of half a months rent. If you have a service animal, a pet deposit is not required. This deposit will be returned once you vacate the unit, as long as there is no pet damage or outstanding funds due.
A pro-rated amount is a daily rate that we calculate by each day you have possession of the keys. For example, if you move in on June 15th and your monthly rent is $700 your pro-rated rent would be $373 ($700 divided by 30, times 16 days).
Each property is different so sometimes, yes, utilities are included. If utilities are not included, the tenant is responsible to have all utilities placed in their name before keys are released. *The City of Wilmington does not allow a tenant to put the water in their name.
If you smell gas or see a fire starting, if you have no electric and it’s not a Delmarva issue, uncontrollable water issues, no heat during the winter seasons (October 15th – April 15th), no heat or hot water, stove/oven is an emergency as long as both the oven and burners are out of service, if a refrigerator is out of service, sewer backup, toilet will not flush (if there is only one toilet). Air conditioning is NOT considered an emergency in the State of Delaware.
Contact our Locksmith at 302-376-5226
We file all of our evictions between the 15th and 20th (depending on the day it falls on), each month for anyone that owes a balance. If for some reason, you can not pay on time, please contact our office to inform the collections department. Going through the eviction process can damage your credit, result in you being displaced from your home, and/or having your wages garnished.

Money Order, Checks, Certified Funds, Cash, and/or Credit Cards.

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